Season two of the three months old Lebanese Revolution kick started again in the beginning of this week.

After around three weeks of calm where protestors left the streets during holidays, mainly to give a chance for newly appointed Prime Minister to select his “dream team” of technocrats. People in power were accusing peaceful protestors of being the reason why the government isn’t being assigned by blocking highways, presidential palace and the parliament main entry.

Holidays have ended, social, economic and financial impasses became dreadful where the exchange rate of the Dollars to the Lebanese pound increased from   1,500 L.L. = 1$ to reach 2,525 = 1$ in the black market and exchange stores.

Lebanese protestors harmonized their pulse again this week calling it “Anger Week”, they inaugurated cycle number two of the nationwide protests. The whole country experienced collective euphoria reminding us of the very first days when the revolution kicked off, students ditched classes, women, elderly and employees all came together took the streets, roads were closed again with burning tires.

Internal Security Forces (ISF) received governmental orders to counteract the gatherings, pepper and tear gas were used to disperse protestors, some were dragged on the ground, detained and savagely beaten up which resulted of serious injuries, broken ribs and even loss of memory and eyesight. In response to this wave of massive arrests, solidarity was brilliantly displayed in front of police stations in order to free detainees but peacefulness of the demonstrations has decreased, stones and fireworks were thrown at the police.

The 17th October spirit exists and persists among the Lebanese demanding a cabinet that has no party affiliation and no presence of a traditional one. Today protestors are calling for escalation for the remaining days of the week with a very precise timetable and set locations targeting main intersection areas, politicians’ houses and the central bank. On another hand, appointed prime minister seems to have filled his ministry spots and that a new government is supposed to see the light in the future hours.

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